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Bystrianská jeskyněHöhle Bystrianská jeskyněBystrianska jaskinia

Bystrianská Cave

The Bystanska cave is ranked among the main Slovak national monuments. Thanks for finding this cave belong to Josef Kovalcik and the Holmans brothers. They have leaked into the cave through the gorge „ Peklo“. The cave have been opened to public since 1968 and since 1972 has been use for curative stays. The only place which is not accesible to public is the headquarters of the medical institution, where respiratory desease and allergy are cured. The cave is in limestone rock from the age of Middle Trias and can be ranked among „breachy“ caves. Especially interesting points in the cave are Zvonive stalaktity, Velky and Maly Baldachyn. The lowest part crosses a small stream which comes to light by Valaska. The excursion lasts approximately 40 minutes becouse the whole cave is 2 km long.


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14 km
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